Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thanksgiving Vs. Christmas

I walked into Target tonight to buy some stuff and I was troubled. As soon as I walked in I saw christmas trees, decorations and christmas music. Why am I troubled you ask? you're such a scrooge you say. well let me ask you something, What happened to Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday, you meet with your family, eat food and have fun. The best part of it all, you don't have to stress about presents or money or getting a great deal. I remember a time when no one worried about christmas until the day after thanksgiving. Then the decorations went up, Then you went shopping, and then you started to play christmas music. It seem to me that nowadays we just have the other holidays just to mark when we can start getting ready for christmas. Now the candles in our pumpkins barely have time to go out before we drag out the christmas tree. My question to all is why? why are we so obsessed with christmas? I enjoy a good present but lets take a break from the riff raff. Lets stop and sit down with our families and be thankful for things. I know that thanksgiving becomes a busy day with all to cooking and football, but I know that whenever we sit down together and just have time to talk and laugh and visit, we become happier and grateful for what we have. That is why I love thanksgiving. It's not because I get presents or anything, it's because I can be grateful for what I have. So maybe this year we can hold off on christmas for just a few more weeks so we can focus on what we really should be grateful for.

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  1. You love Thanksgiving cause it sometimes falls on your birthday so you get presents anyways. If we were all as lucky as you and got presents on Thanksgiving, we would probably like it more than Christmas too.