Sunday, November 8, 2009

First post

With the new Twilight movie coming out in a few weeks, I decided to create this blog. When the books came out and the first movie premiered, I decided that I should create a support group for those of us who are neglected and forgotten. I call my support group "husbands against twilight" or HAT for short. As I walked around work and home I saw countdown calendars and heard the jibber jabber of love struck women obsessed with this sparkly guy named Edward, I decided that there was now an even greater need for someone to turn to for support.

So this is a place where you can visit and understand that you are not the only one suffering from this aweful pandemic we call the twilight saga. Visit me frequently and remember no matter how many nights you go without dinner or how many days your kids miss their baths, we have each other.


  1. once again, you made me laugh out loud! you are so funny!

  2. I have been raising my family without the support of my wife for 3 years now. I thought it would end after she had read all of the books and seen the movie. Instead she keeps re-watching the movie and re-reading the books. Will the cycle of Edward hysteria ever end?

    Edward loathingly yours,