Thursday, November 19, 2009

A lonely night

Tonight a lot of us will be sleeping alone. I know that now more than ever we need each other. Here is a couple ideas of things you could do while your wife is out with another man.
1. play XBOX. If you don't have one go buy one
2. watch Rocky. If you want a good love story, you can't beat rocky. I'm not talking about Rocky and Adrian, I'm talking about Rocky and Mickey. If you say you didn't get choked up during Rocky 3 when Mickey dies then I call you a dirty liar!
3. Blow something up. It doesn't matter what because it won't matter you will feel better regardless.
4. Sleep. I can't think of anything better to do at 2:00 in the morning.
5. Make some Anti-Twilight posters and protest out front of your local movie theater.
6. Watch any movie with Jessica Alba. I would recommend "into the blue" because she runs around in a bikini the whole film. It won't fill that hole in your heart but you can forget about the pain of being forgotten for an hour or so.
7. Shoot guns. get good because remember that werewolves can be killed with a silver bullet.

Whatever it is you decide to do tonight (or the next couple of nights deoending on your wife) remember that you are not alone. there are mony others just like you trying to cope with the fact that they have to sleep by themselves tonight. If there are some others in your neighborhood you could get together and have a candle light vigil in honor of those forgotten.
remember to staystrong and I will check up on all of you tomorrow.

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  1. So I just kicked my husband off the computer so I could check, and he said, "man I am going to find a 'husbands forgotten by Twilight' site." So I Googled it. Found you and this had made him laugh and hopefully help him with some of his alone time as I have reopend New Moon for the 4th time. Thank you for being here for all the forgetten....